About us

Gardshotell i Gudbrandsdalen is a collaboration between uniqe farms, each offering accommodation, food and activities with a strong focus on quality.  You can spend the night in old, protected buildings, sleep in romantic four poster beds, stay in a ols storehouses and attic and eat good food.  History and traditions have been passed from generation to generations, and we invite you to take part.  Together, we want to give you “the experience you never forget”.

Present hosts
Local food  with new and old traditions
Cultural and historical environments

The farms receives both individual guests and groups and work together to give our guests great experiences. We focus on quality and our distinctive characteristics, and help plan your stay.

Good eating is an important part of your stay, and the farms offer home coocked food, largely based on ingredients from local suppliers and / or organic products.  Someone of the farms offer rooms and breakfast, others also offer dinner for individual travelers and groups.  See the farm presentation for information about each farm.